The Name A Star Registry manages the Intergalactic Star Database of star names registered by authorised distributors. Star gifts delivered across the world can be checked here.


Example: ISD02939112

In ancient times, stars that were visible to the naked eye were named in different languages by people from far-reaching parts of the world. All cultures created magical stories about the stars, and they were connected by their fascination for the night sky.

With the aid of the telescope, many more stars are now known, and even more are being discovered each day. These new stars are surveyed and located very precisely. Then they are given official identification numbers that are published in several astrophysical catalogs for astronomers, professional and amateur, world-wide. The International Astronomical Union names newly discovered celestial bodies such as comets and asteroids. The brightest stars have names, but most stars are merely listed in astrophysical catalogs by number. This number makes it easier to locate the star in the sky.

Name a Star services offers a way for non-astronomers to show their love and respect to others by assigning the names of loved ones to stars - stars that are otherwise listed as numbers in Astrophysical Observatory Catalogs. Your star name is added to our centralized database and privately accessible to you.

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